Personal Aspirations Part 3

We have learned that a Personal Aspiration needs to be yours, it needs to be something that is for you, by you, and read aloud often for you. We have learned that it could be a commercial, a mission statement, a set of goals, a list of things that you like about yourself, that you want to change, and objectives of where you want your life to go.

So how about some examples?

A personal commercial:

Tom Staley, meet Tom Staley – an important, a really important person. Tom, you’re a big thinker, so think big. Think big about Everything. You’ve got plenty of ability to do a first-class job, so do a first-class job.
Tom you believe in Happiness, Progress, and Prosperity.
So: talk only Happiness,
talk only progress,
talk only prosperity.
You have lots of drive, Tom, lots of drive.
So put that drive to work. Nothing can stop you, Tom, nothing.
Tom, you’re enthusiastic. Let you enthusiasm show through.
You look good, Tom, and you feel good. Stay that way.
Tom Staley, you were a great fellow yesterday, and you’re going to be an even greater fellow today. Now go to it, Tom. Go forward.

A personal mission statement:

I am a dynamic, energetic, positive leader. I live my life knowing that all good things will come to me as a result of my positive actions and thoughts. Money rains down upon me. Money comes to me effortlessly. I coach, mentor, and teach in a positive and effective manner always. Relationships are the backbone of my life and I welcome them. I keep in touch with old friends, and find new ones all the time. I am positive and magnetic. I am learning, growing and getting better every day in every way.

A personal list

Aspiration Type Sample Item
Personal Growth I will have insight into why I do the things I do.
Affiliation I will have a committed, intimate relationship.
Community Feeling I will help the world become a better place.
Financial Success I will have many expensive possessions.
Image I will achieve the “look” I’ve been after.
Popularity I will be admired by many people.

There really is no one way to make a personal aspiration statement. It simply needs to work for you.

Next we will give you an action plan on how to make your own personal aspiration statement.

Conceive It, Believe It, Achieve It.

Coach Kip