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Quote Wednesday: Gandhi

Ghandi Quote


Quote Wednesday

Determination and Satisfaction


Quote Wednesday: Morely

Forget How Much It Hurts


Quote Wednesday: Clarence Buddington Kelland

Clarence Budington Cleeland


Audio Blog Episode 1 Peak Hours of Performance

Orange Beach SunriseI am trying something a little different this time.  I am doing an Auidoblog.  I am not really calling it a podcast at this point because it is still in the experimental stage but I personally really like the format.  If things go well then after a few more attempts I think I will be making this a regular thing.

I hope you enjoy, please leave comments and feedback below and let me know what you think.

Audio Blog Episode 1

Peak Hours of Performance



Focus on One Thing

Snipers ScopeIn my own quest to become completely free, to retire early, and have an ever renewable income my biggest hindrance has always been not being able to focus on one thing until complete.  To be completely successful it is very important to focus on one task until complete.

I am sure you are like me and have a million ideas all of which you want to accomplish simultaneously.  I have learned through many failures and many books on successful people that the best thing to do is to pick the one you are most passionate about and do that first.  Then once that one is complete then move on to the next.

If we try to do to many things at once then nothing gets done.  Think of your multiple streams of income acting like a team.  Each one gives you an income source for a purpose.  Instead of trying to set them all up at once, work on one first until it is working well then move on to the next.

For example, I have been working on buying rental properties so that I can have a steady stream of income dripping into my trading account.  I already have my trading plan in place and am able to concentrate on a different money stream.  However I am constantly distracted by wanting to develop another website to supplement my income that way also.  Developing a website is fun.  Developing a website for me is also time consuming.  I get to teach and coach, but I am horrible at design.  Writing takes me hardly any time at all.  Design soaks up hours of endless tweaking just to get nothing done.

The solution is to put the website on hold until I have some real estate established and working well.  The website will be there.  Even if someone has the same idea they don’t have the information that is in my head and they will not deliver it like I will.  I will still be unique.  The opportunity will not pass.

So focus on one thing at a time.  Work to get that done, then you can move on to the next.

Focus tip:  Keep one sheet of paper folded twice as your to do list.  Write no more than 6 things on that list.  When they are done you are done for the day.  If something does not get done it gets put onto the next days list on the top.


Now is the Right Time

SomedayEver wonder when the right time to take action is?  Some of you may be saying, ‘I know exactly when to take action.’  Others may be just like me, planning on taking action on Monday, Saturday, the 20th, the First of the Year, and so on.

It just seems like it is better for planning if we start on an even day, date, time….  It might seem like the right time is to declare ‘I will do X on a day Y and will do that from then on out.’  Has it worked for you?  It really does not for me.


The right time to do anything is right now!

The right time to take action is when you are inspired to do so!


I would not call taking no action procrastination.  It is simply over planning.  We all do it and we all do it regularly. However the right time to do anything is right away, and the right time to take action is when you are inspired to do so.

When we wait, and try to plan in the right time to do something then it is too late, our inspiration is gone, we have a new thought, we have life happen to us and the moment has passed.

I have two easy suggestions for you to help you keep the inspiration and create a space to be creative on a daily basis.

1) Wake up early and create a morning routine.

Some may be night owls and that is ok, however it is much more difficult to create a night routine.  Most of you are probably night owls because there is a lot happening in your life that keeps you up at night and active.  However nothing is happening in the morning which is why it is good to create a morning routine.

Mine is something like this:
Wake between 4:30 and 5:00 am
Get 30 grams of protein and 20 oz of water (see 4 Hour Body).
Power walk for 30 minutes listening to inspiring music, books, or speeches
Sit at computer and either write, plan trades for the day, blog, or do research
Kids wake up at 7:30 and I start my day.

2) Keep a small spiral notebook with you at all times.

Mini Spiral NotebookI hear you.  You say ‘But Coach Kip my inspiration usually comes when I am in the car, walking, at lunch, sitting in a meeting, or anywhere that I cannot take immediate action.  That is OK.  Creating a morning routine will give you time to do the action that you need when you think of it.  Keeping a small notebook to jot down ideas lets you take action when inspired.  I usually write ideas, notes, memory triggers, notes, businesses to invest in, or whatever brilliant idea I have.

This also gives me a little time to vet out ideas that I don’t want to pursue, or blog posts that I just don’t think would be that good.


When you are inspired to take action do it immediately!  Do it now!  If you are in a place that does not allow you to take action write it down so that you can do it later.  Create a morning ritual to create a space to do the things that you have written in your notebook.


Quote Wednesday: Edison

Quote Wednesday: Edison


Polyphasic Sleep – A Forced Experiment

Coach Kip BedThis week I welcomed a baby girl to the world.  She was born at 2:25 am via a c-section.  This means that I will have to take care of most everything while my wife rests and recuperates over the next several weeks.  This means not only cooking and cleaning but also taking care of an infant and a 3 year old girl.  I don’t do well with girly games but I will have to suck it up and play to keep her occupied while my wife sleeps.

Over a 48 hour period I got a total of 9 hours of sleep.  I did not get them all at once – so I was forced into a polyphasic sleep experiment.

For definitions and explanations of polyphasic sleep check these out:
Polyphasic Society
Polyphasic Sleep Wiki
Polyphasic Sleep from Supermemo

From 5am to 5am on the first 24 hours I was awake, this included the birth of our daughter.  I then got a nap from 5am to 7am when the doctors and nurses came in to check on mommy and baby.  Then it was feeding time, then we started to get visitors.  From 12noon to 1pm I got a nap between visitors and then was awake again until about 10:30 when I finally got to sleep.  I slept until 2am when the doctors came in to do a thorough 24 hour check up on both patients.  Then I got another nap from 3 until 5 when I woke due to hunger and to help with the baby.  I finally got a full nights rest on the third day.

My conclusion:

Although I have been running a lot on adrenaline I felt very well rested, alert, and ready to take on the world.  I have had a two day break in my routine, or actually back to my routine, but now my mother-in-law is going home and it will be back to polyphasic sleep.  I will update in another week with some more research myself to let you know how it goes.


Meditation: You are Not Doing It Wrong

I know the title is a double negative but it gets the point across.  For some reason we think that there is a specific way to meditate, but there is not.  Just like most things meditation is what works for you, so do it the way that makes you feel the best.

What is Meditation?

love_guru“Meditation is simply a reset or calming of the brain.”

Did you know that you have to restart your phones and tablets to keep them running at peak performance?  Restarting these devices kicks out the garbage that has been building up.  It resets the cache in computer speak.

Your brain needs the same thing.  Of course we can’t completely shut it down and restart it but we can get rid of some garbage.  Meditating does this.

If you are like me you get a lot of different thoughts in your brain all the time.  That little voice continually tries to speak to you and tell you things.  Your ideas come one right after another.  You play all kinds of different scenarios in your brain for every action you take.

Take a moment to get rid of all of that garbage.


The trick of course is to find what works for you to do this.  What works best for me is playing Goalie and playing Golf.  Both are highly mental games and it serves to distract my brain.  Everytime I let up a bad goal, or hit a bad shot, it is because I am not concentrating on the task at hand.

When I am concentrating only on Hockey or Golf the rest of the garbage goes away.  Not only am I physically refreshed after playing but I am also mentally refreshed.  I feel great.

power_jogging_640x360So what do I do when I am not playing sports?  I like to do one of two things:

    • I sit cross legged on a pillow with my back against a wall.  Totally not like a monk but It is more comfortable for me and I can concentrate on not concentrating.


  • I take a power walk, Tony Robbins calls them the Hour of Power.  I put on a mix of inspirational speeches and music, I zone out, and I charge ahead.


Now the natural question is what does my brain do?

Sometimes I am completely zoned especially playing goalie.  Sometimes my brain wanders off into its own world, this is OK also.

When your brain wonders, or when you can’t get a thought out of your brain then let it be, leave it alone, let your brain get it out.  DO NOT SUPPRESS IT.

One of my personal gurus tells me to release the thought.  To me it means that you have to let your brain have the thought and then let it go.  Doing this gives you a release which is what we are looking for. It is resetting your brain cache.

When I am playing my best golf I am not thinking about my swing, the wind, the best angle of attack, the pebble in my shoe, what I have to pick up at the grocery store on the way home, what trade I am going to make next, how to improve the test data at whatever school I am working at, my wife, my two daughters, what the Lions are going to do in the offseason, what the Titans are going to do during the season, my next great business idea, the weather….I know you already got board with that but I wanted you to know my brain is just like yours, it is normal.

When I am at my best at anything I am only concentrating at the task at hand.  Meditation helps you do that.  There is no right or wrong way to do it.  There is only the way that works best for you.

Find a hobby, find a quiet place, do yoga, tai-chi, golf, walk, watch a movie, whatever works to get your brain to a place that you can focus at the task at hand.  This will increase your productivity which will increase the time that you can do what you love and live life on purpose.

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