Playing it Safe Sucks

Playing it SafeI hate it when we have a lead and all my team wants to do is play defense.  It sucks.  Playing safe sucks.  When we have a two goal lead and we have dominated them all game why would we drop back and play defense?  Press on, get another goal, they are pressing too and it creates opportunities.

Seth Godin Says:

If you don’t start then you can’t fail

So the only way you can fail is if you start something.  Not starting is playing it safe.  We can’t fail at something if we never start something right?  And playing it safe is what we have been taught all our life.  We protect ourselves from failure.  We try not to get a failing grade in school.  We try not to stand up and stand out at work for fear of being fired.  So what do we get?  Frustration, apathy, we grow to hate our job.

Is that really success?  No!  When we start something new we will have failures.  Some things will not work.  That is fine.  Let it fail.  Let things fall flat.  Lose a few times.  I call that learning.  The only way we become failures ourselves is to stop trying.  We only have to get up one more time than we fall and we are a complete success.

However what if we don’t ever start.  We will never fail right?  It is the safe and the right thing to do.  However here is the rub.  If we look back on our lives and there are things that we wish we would have done but never took any action we will look at ourselves as failures.  Find some person in your community you see as a success and ask them questions.  They will be happy to answer them.  Successful people like to share.  Ask them if they ever have done anything that has failed.  Chances are they will laugh with a little twinkle in their eye and be happy to tell you about it.  If they don’t offer the lessons learned then ask them.  They will be able to easily recall exactly what they learned.

It is far better to have tried at something and have failed then to have never tried anything and look back with regret.  If something does not work then continue trying.  Come back with lessons learned and create something better.  Keep going.  Keep trying.  Keep on keeping on.

Not starting is not trying, and not trying is the only way you can become a failure.  So just try, keep going, keep persevering, keep working toward your goal and you will get there and your success will be sweet.

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Set Your New Years Resolutions In March

Melting IceThe calendar year starts in January.  My business calendar starts in February.  My personal goals calendar starts in March.

It never seems that I am ready to do new things in January.  January instead, is a time of reflection.  November is my daughters birthday, Thanksgiving, my birthday, December is my wifes birthday and of course Christmas, and then there is New Years.  Also in all of that is the end of Football season, the bowl games, and the start of the NFL playoffs.  From October through the end of January there is a lot going on.

February is usually when things start for me.  I have set up my business so that the year begins in February so that I have some breathing room for all the things just mentioned.  February becomes my business reboot month.

So that leaves March.  Sure I set my New Years resolutions.  I do really well with them in January.  In February things start to happen and life gets in the way.  By the end of February a great majority of surveyed individuals have already broken and abandon their New Years Resolutions (

Once March hits take time to reassess.  Were those New Years resolutions really that important?  Did you really want to hit those goals?  Or were you just making goals to make New Years resolutions.

If you really wanted to hit the goals you made then now is the time to reassess and recommit.  There are a lot of reasons that it did not happen as planned, but that is just fine, it is called life.  Usually there is a little uptick in energy in March.  The weather starts to warm, we get spring fever, we have some more time on our hands as the days get longer.

Take the month of March to restart those New Years resolutions that have gotten away from you, and maybe make some new spring resolutions.  The only way to fail is to stop trying.