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Quote Wednesday: Gandhi

Quote Wednesday: Gandhi


How to be a Team of 1

Micheal PhelpsHow do Pro Golfers, Pro Tennis Players, and Olympians do it?  How do individual top performing athletes continue to perform an their highest levels without a team around them to help push them along?
The quick and easy answer is that they build a team.  They have training partners, coaches, therapists, trainers and all kinds of other people.  Lets look at an example

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps has earned more Olympic medals than anyone else with a total of 22 Medals.  He holds the all-time recorded for the most gold medals (18), the most Olympic gold medals in individual events (11), most Olympic medals in individual events for a male (13), and the most first-place finishes at any single Olympic Games (8).
He has had a a few personal lapses but no one can argue that he has had a lot of success as an individual
So how does he do it?

Have a Good Coach

At age 10 he met Bob Bowman at North Baltimore Aquatic Club and began training with him.  They teamed all the way through high school and eventually Phelps followed Bowman to University of Michigan.

Have Great Training Partners

Once Phelps got the competitive swimming itch he quickly got involved in high level training.  The North Baltimore Aquatic Club has produced 9 Olympians.  After graduating he attended University of Michigan and was part of Club Wolverine swimming team.  Between the official team and Club Wolverine they have produced 18 International Swimming Hall of Fame members, and 22 Olympians and NCAA Champions.  Through all these clubs Phelps has had tremendous training partners.

Get Teammates

Yes even individuals need teammates.  Phelps has won 9 Olympic medals competing on relay teams.  By training with other high level athletes not only does it make him better but it makes everyone on the team better.  By making people around him better he makes himself better.  It is a perpetual cycle.
In the Rome Olympics Phelps surrounded himself with Ryan Lochte, Cullen Jones, and Ricky Barens.  All highly competitive swimmers who also pushed his mental capacity.

Trainers and Other Support Staff

Phelps training includes regular massages.  Finding the right therapist to help him recuperate is one of the keys to any athletes success.
Although Phelps has always refused a mental coach but many individual athletes use one.
“Michael’s brain chemistry is such that he almost has to have that competitive environment,” Bowman said. “When he has it in his brain, it’s like unshakable. . . . Part of it is a supreme confidence. Part of it is, he thinks he’s better than everyone else. And he is.”
The mental game is probably what makes Phelps stand out.  There are many great athletes with a lot of talent but once an athlete decides to work on the mental game as well they become champions.  When the mental game and the physical skills come together we are able to watch super-humans like Phelps.
So what can you do as a person who is looking to make changes in their life?  Lets learn from what Phelps has done.

Have a Good Coach

Kind of a shameless plug, but I do believe I am a good coach.
A good personal coach (or life coach) is able to take an outside view of you and your life.  Sometimes we get too inside ourselves and have a hard time figuring out what is the best action to take to reach the goals that we have set.  A coach will be able to offer guidance and support in reaching these goals.  A good coach knows when to push, when to give space, and when to offer a possible answer.  As you and your coach get to know each other better you will start to think like them.  Then you can offer your own advice to yourself.

Get Teammates

If you are looking to become a Solopreneur or develop a Lifestyle Business you will probably be working alone a lot of the time.  You can find a lot of support and a lot of teammates along the way.  I am part of Fizzle.co and inside this community I find a lot of people who can offer help to me when I am too inside myself.
My wife and family are part of my team, giving me space when I need it, and offering a lot of support through the frustrating times of building a business.
My friends offer another type of team.  They are the distraction when I need one.  They are the ones I call on to watch a game, go play a round of golf, or just hang out when I need some mental downtime.
There are plenty of groups that you can find as well.  Look for mastermind groups in your area.  If there is not one then create one yourself.

Other Support Staff

There are other people that you can add to your team and support staff.  Maybe there is someone who you can trade skills with.  Lets say they are great at coding and web design and you are good at writing.  Trade and help each other out.  Maybe they can help you with your health and fitness and you can help them with some home remodeling.  Trade and help each other out.  Maybe you have a good truck and you can pull them out of a ditch and they are a good cook and can repay you with some great wings.  Trade and help each other out.
We all have different needs and we have different skills that we are good at.  Find what your good skills are and help someone who could use your expertise.
Build a team around you and you will reach your goals faster than you can alone.

Riding with Coach Kip VLOG 007

Back to work after a great weekend?  Me too.  How do we stay motivated during times like this?  Keep focused on the reasons for what you do.


Monday Motivation

I don’t know about you but I could use a little motivation this morning.  Here is a good blast featuring the voice overs of Eric Thomas – The Hip Hop Preacher, Les Brown, and probably a couple of others I did not recognize.  Enjoy and work harder than anyone else.


Quote Wednesday: Einstein

Quote Wednesday: Einstein


Riding with Coach Kip Vlog 006

Is it a setback?  Did you fall back in your progress?  Or are you just getting ready to launch.  Think of the Bow and Arrow.  Listen to how Coach Kip views setbacks and failures.


Riding with Coach Kip Vlog 005

Lets talk about being specific. Be specific and get laser focused action. Laser focused action gets you to your goal quicker.


Riding with Coach Kip Vlog 004


What does it take to be a success?  It takes doing what others are not willing to do.


Two Legacies on Display

What is a legacy?  I won’t bore you with the dictionary definition.  Instead I will share with you two living legacies who will be on display tomorrow.  Tom Brady and Payton Manning.
It is not very often that we get to watch something as amazing as what will unfold Sunday.  Both athletes nearing the end of their career.  One has the stats, one has the championships.
So it is interesting to compare these two to see what we can learn from them.  I will have bonus material at the end of the article because there is a lot of fascinating stuff on them.

 The Stats

G Att Comp Pct Att/G Yds Avg Yds/G TD TD% Int Int% Rate
Tom BradyTom Brady 255 7,792 4,953 63.6 34.6 58,028 7.4 257.9 428 5.5 150 1.9 96.4
Payton ManningPayton Manning 266 9,380 6.125 65.3 35.3 71,940 7.7 270.5 539 5.7 251 2.7 96.5
Bowl Record Superbowl Record
Tom BradyTom Brady 2-0 4-2
Payton ManningPayton Manning 3-1 1-2


The way I see it is that Manning has clearly won the battle of the statistics even though their Quarterback rating is basically the same.  In 11 more games Manning has a far lead statistically over Brady with almost 14,000 more yards, and 111 more touchdown passes.
Manning also has the nod in bowl games with a 3-1 record as a 4 year starter vs Brady with a 2-0 record and a two year starter despite sharing time with Drew Henson at Michigan.  Brady also sat the bench behind Brian Griese on the 1997 National Championship team.
Brady clearly has the nod in NFL Championships winning 3 more than Manning and appearing in twice as many.  It is not even close in that respect.
So who is better?  Neither, and Both.  It all depends on the goal.

Playing (Working) To Better Yourself

In no way could you make an argument that Manning is selfish in the way he plays.  On paper one might make that argument.  He has way more attempts and leads the history of the NFL in numerous categories.
Manning clearly has a great system of checking off plays, giving false calls to distract defenses, and really is the field general.  He surrounds himself with great players and then mentors them and coaches them in his own system of playing.  It really is astounding.
Manning with all the stats has clearly played in a way that benefits himself by helping the players around him get better.  He could never get the stats he has without doing what he has done.

Playing (Working) For the Betterment of the Team (Business)

Brady clearly plays for Championships.  Last year he even declared that they were a running team that uses the pass to setup the run.
Brady’s competitive spirit leads the team.  He clearly takes a whatever is needed approach to winning, and winning is clearly the main goal.
Brady has never been complimented on his athleticism.  However he is simply a winner.  Whenever he has had the opportunity he has won.  When given the chance he will do whatever it takes not to win.  Winning is the end goal.

Your Takeaway

There are two sides that you can play and both can result in achieving your goals.
Always working to improve yourself should be a life goal.  Clearly both players have done this but it seems the focus for Manning is a little bit more on the statistics and the individual records.  There is nothing wrong with this at all.  Strive to be the best salesman, the best producer, the best teacher, the best whatever it is that you do.  Also know that in order for you to be the best you must help others along the way.
Working to improve the organization or company you work for is a great way for you to be outstanding also.  By contributing to the organization the best way that you can you will eventually separate yourself and bee seen as a leader.  Brady has the championships and a great resume of statistics by doing whatever it takes to make the team better.  The accolades will come your way when you focus on improving everyone around you.  You will be recognized for all you do.  Trust me it will happen.
Maybe the best thing for you to do is work as hard as you can to improve yourself while at the same time doing your best to improve all those around you and the organization.  It is a difficult task for sure but these two players have shown that you can reach the top of your game by doing this.
It should be a great game and it will probably by Payton Manning’s last.  Lets all enjoy it.



Car Riding with Coach Kip VLog 003

“The moments when we most want to check out are the moments to pay attention like never before.”

In this episode I am inspired by Lewis Howes and Rob Bell.  While listening to thier podcast I head the quote above.  I completely butchered the quote in the talk, but then again I couldn’t look it up while driving.

Enjoy the talk.  If you have any questions for me put them below in the comment section and I will do my best to answer them.



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